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Fast, easy & portable temperature control at a specific location. TF115P-002 industrial application thermostat is built for long-term, reliable performance while withstanding harsh climate conditions.

With simple plug-in set up, user just plugs it into device power source. Easy configuration for heating or cooling, makes portable use easy. Analog thermostat is has a rugged, weather resistant enclosure, which enables placement most anywhere. It tolerates moist conditions, performs despite water spray, high humidity, airborne contaminates & moderately corrosive conditions. Large, visible dial, makes set point temperatures clear. Enclosures comply with N.E.C. Article 547, giving code compliance peace-of-mind. Thermostat is built from corrosion resistant materials, allowing long life & reliable performance in most demanding climates.

Typical applications are anywhere a rugged, weatherproof mechanical thermostat will best control industrial heating/cooling or staged heat/ cool/ventilation systems.

  • Greenhouses
  • Fans
  • Garages
  • Dampers
  • Factory & industrial buildings
  • Animal confinement buildings, including those for poultry or livestock.
  • Warehouses