T5 6400K Replacement Bulbs

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SunBlaster's T5HO lamps produce a light of much higher quality than a conventional tube and, as a result, the energy input into the area being lit is much greater and the light penetration is far superior to anything previously available.

Sunblaster 6400K T5HO lamps simulate natural sunlight and are ideal for cuttings and vegetative growth.

When it's time to kick into bloom, choose our SunBlaster 2700K T5HO lamps.

For maximum output and efficiency use with SunBlaster T5HO lighting fixtures.

The SunBlaster 10,000K Super blue T5HO lamp is popular in aquarium applications, and is fast becoming popular as supplemental light for finishing in high value horticultural applications, where essential oil production is desired.

Specialty lamps are available in red, green and blue for those that wish to create interesting visual effects for home, office or store front. The look of neon without the expense.

These lamps require a special T5HO Fixture and can not be used in standard fluorescent fixtures.